Best Fields to Work From Home

In 2022, opportunities to work from home are plentiful. In the past, scams were everywhere but due to advances in technology, working remotely is becoming more and more feasible as employers look to save physical space and have their employees telecommute. While it takes a motivated and determined employee, the best opportunities to work from home are in the following fields.


With a good Internet connection, a headset, and good typing skills, starting as a transcriptionist is relatively easy to do. While experience is necessary to do specialized medical transcriptionists, there are plenty of sites that are looking for general transcriptionists. As a general transcriptionist, you won't make a full-time career out of it until you've gained more experience with the company you've chosen.


Blogging has become a niche market for people who want a side hustle. With a blog, you can pick a topic and write about it and as your readership grows, place affiliate links on your site to earn additional money. It won’t be a cash cow right away, but with time, the additional funds could add up.

Website Designer

If you have some design or coding experience, market yourself as the solution for small businesses who need websites. In some cases, all you need to know is a bit of Wordpress or Tumblr, in addition to being social media saavy to attract the customers who need your service


Parents are always looking for tutors will assist as their kids get more advanced in school. If you are fluent in a foreign language, know how to code or understand math, you can teach those skills to others. As a tutor, you're likely to be spending time with children, but you might also be able to work remotely.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant helps with certain tasks for small business owners, coaches or entrepreneurs. The assistant might handle the person's travel scheduling, social media account or bookkeeping tasks. Working remotely as a virtual assistant would require knowledge of calendar applications, travel websites, and a high attention to detail.


A bilingual person who has knowledge of business practices can work from home as a translator. While speaking is sometimes the bar we set in terms of foreign understanding languages, you must be fluent not just in the speaking but able to read, know grammar and style rules in both languages.

Freelance Writer

Working as a freelance writer could mean writing copy for marketing materials, blog posts, emails, and brochures. A freelance writer doesn’t need a lot of experience but will still need to be able to work under strict guidelines from clients and be able to turn around deadlines quickly.

Direct Sales Rep

Whether it's Tupperware, Pampered Chef or Stella and Dot, a direct sales rep will sell products to people directly through parties and contacts. A key to success in this market is having a network of people who are already using the products you are trying to sell.

Fashion Stylists

Are you the fashion forward member of your friend group? Anyone who loves to give style and fashion advice to their friends, knows the latest trends or influences what people are wearing next can be hired online as a fashion consultant or stylist. Companies like Stitch Fix hire stylists who are able to listen to what the clients tell them they are looking for and execute their vision.

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